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Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLRED, Paulinus Harvey  17 Jan 1874Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1599
2 ASH, Velma  Abt 1898Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1298
3 ASHTON, Margaret Ann  15 Aug 1865Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1332
4 BONE, Albert Henry  16 Mar 1878Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1922
5 BONE, Alice Maud  8 Oct 1873Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1919
6 BONE, Archie Vernon  16 Apr 1894Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1230
7 BONE, Clara Edith  30 Mar 1887Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1924
8 BONE, Elizabeth Dixon  20 Jan 1878Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1294
9 BONE, Ethel Jane  31 Dec 1888Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1228
10 BONE, Eugene  25 Aug 1874Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1293
11 BONE, George Joseph  22 Oct 1866Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1223
12 BONE, Grace Emmeline  27 Aug 1880Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1934
13 BONE, Hannah Victoria  3 Aug 1872Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1292
14 BONE, Ida May  6 May 1892Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1229
15 BONE, James William  4 Jan 1863Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1289
16 BONE, John Jr.  12 Jun 1861Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1288
17 BONE, John Edwin  2 Nov 1876Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1921
18 BONE, Joseph Leroy  14 Jun 1886Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1227
19 BONE, Julia Pearl  26 Feb 1884Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1923
20 BONE, Laura Isabella  1 Jun 1882Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1925
21 BONE, Lorenzo  12 Oct 1868Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1291
22 BONE, Mary Ann  20 Mar 1875Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1920
23 BONE, Mary Jane  18 Sep 1864Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1290
24 BONE, Mary Luella  1 Nov 1890Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I4
25 BONE, Morris Elvin  14 Aug 1900Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1231
26 BONE, Sarah Harriet  13 Dec 1871Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1935
27 BONE, Truman Wilford  19 Mar 1885Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1226
28 BONE, William Arthur  26 Dec 1870Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1936
29 BRADSHAW, Clara Jane  27 Sep 1870Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1302
30 CHILTON, Mary Elisabeth  5 May 1867Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1301
31 CHILTON, Sarah Ann  2 Jun 1869Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1333
32 CLARK, Asa Jones  Abt 1871Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1929
33 COX, Edward Franklin  30 Mar 1857Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1611
34 DAVIS, Pearl Ellen  8 Aug 1876Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1334
35 EDWARDS, Charles  25 Nov 1875Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1339
36 EVANS, Ella  Abt 1873Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1303
37 FOWLER, Albert James  26 Apr 1871Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1239
38 FOWLER, Anna Louisa  22 May 1879Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1242
39 FOWLER, Charles Franklin  10 Jul 1864Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1236
40 FOWLER, Daniel Theodore  22 Jan 1869Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1238
41 FOWLER, Edmund Henry  23 Jun 1866Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1237
42 FOWLER, Leonard William  23 Dec 1873Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1240
43 FOWLER, Raymond Eugene Twin  8 Dec 1881Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1243
44 FOWLER, Robert Lorenzo  26 Jul 1876Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1241
45 FOWLER, Selian "P" Twin  8 Dec 1881Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1244
46 FOWLER, Thomas Samuel  6 Mar 1863Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1235
47 GLOVER, Maud Evelyn  Abt 1882Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1931
48 GURNEY, Alfred Isaac  7 Jun 1878Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1646
49 GURNEY, Arthur David  12 Feb 1875Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1197
50 GURNEY, Caroline Janes  8 Dec 1865Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1641

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BONE, Hannah Victoria  17 Apr 1881Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1292
2 CHILTON, Mary Elisabeth  15 Sep 1867Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1301
3 FOWLER, Edmund Henry  22 Jul 1866Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1237
4 STEWART, Harry Jasper  11 Jun 1893Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1225


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHTON, Margaret Ann  18 Feb 1891Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1332
2 BONE, Albert Henry  18 Jul 1951Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1922
3 BONE, Elizabeth  21 Jan 1874Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1253
4 BONE, Hannah Victoria  10 Jun 1964Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1292
5 BONE, Jane  16 Nov 1861Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1247
6 BONE, John Sr.  16 Jan 1893Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1570
7 BONE, John Jr.  8 Jan 1926Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1288
8 BONE, John Edwin  1 Nov 1926Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1921
9 BONE, Julia Pearl  19 Jan 1921Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1923
10 BONE, Lorenzo  28 Oct 1868Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1291
11 BONE, Mary Ann  2 Jan 1872Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1252
12 BONE, Mary Jane  24 Jun 1919Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1290
13 BONE, William Sr  2 Oct 1902Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1245
14 BONE, William Jr.  19 Nov 1912Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1249
15 BRONELSON, Anna  20 Apr 1902Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1337
16 CHILTON, Mary Elisabeth  25 Feb 1931Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1301
17 COLVILLE, Elizabeth Marie  26 Dec 1874Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1660
18 COX, Edward Franklin  23 Nov 1931Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1611
19 FOWLER, Edmund Henry  22 Jan 1937Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1237
20 FOWLER, Eliza Altheria  1 Mar 1897Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1234
21 FOWLER, Thomas  14 Feb 1901Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1232
22 GRACE, Hannah  24 Apr 1904Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1664
23 GURNEY, Arthur David  26 Nov 1875Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1197
24 GURNEY, Charles  1 Sep 1956Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1198
25 GURNEY, Elizabeth Jane  15 Dec 1876Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1196
26 GURNEY, Leah  24 Nov 1881Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1200
27 GURNEY, Orlata Jane  30 Jun 1891Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1637
28 GURNEY, Samuel Jesse  24 Oct 1965Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1199
29 GURNEY, Sarah Ann  3 Nov 1946Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1195
30 GURNEY, Sophia Elizabeth  17 May 1900Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1201
31 GURNEY, William  25 Mar 1905Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1205
32 HUGHES, Sarah  6 Apr 1897Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1194
33 JEAN, Julia  6 May 1900Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1208
34 MULLINER, Samuel Jr.  23 Feb 1891Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1671
35 PHILLIPS, Levi Augustus  3 Nov 1942Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1654
36 PRATT, Hannah  4 Jan 1889Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1255
37 SLATER, Hannah  31 Dec 1925Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1265
38 SMITH, Hyrum Coleman  21 Apr 1929Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1300
39 STEWART, Harry Jasper  15 Nov 1933Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1225
40 TURNER, Williiam Henry Jr.  10 Feb 1929Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1648
41 WAGSTAFF, Fannie  12 Dec 1935Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1312
42 WAGSTAFF, Mary  29 Oct 1875Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1246
43 WORLTON, John  3 Dec 1906Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1314


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BONE, Lorenzo  Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1291
2 CHILTON, Mary Elisabeth  29 Feb 1931Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I1301


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLRED / KUNZ  23 Aug 1905Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F716
2 BONE / ASHTON  13 May 1885Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F559
3 BONE / CHILTON  9 Mar 1904Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F560
4 BRADSHAW / BONE  26 Jul 1867Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F534
5 CLARK / FOWLER  6 May 1897Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F524
6 COX / HUGHES  12 Aug 1899Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F606
7 EDWARDS / BONE  10 Oct 1895Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F566
8 FOWLER / ANDERSON  31 Dec 1896Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F522
9 FOWLER / CHILTON  5 Jul 1886Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F518
10 FOWLER / KEMMISH  13 Jan 1858Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F506
11 GURNEY / JEAN  22 Jun 1858Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F499
12 MOORE / FOWLER  30 Sep 1907Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F525
13 SMITH / FOWLER  3 Apr 1879Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F517