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Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DRAKE, Arleigh Inez  16 May 1892Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I326
2 DRAKE, Crystal Audrey  29 Apr 1894Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4399
3 DRAKE, Elizabeth Rebecca (Lois)  13 Feb 1893Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I10668
4 DRAKE, Reuban Merritt  26 Apr 1912Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I13
5 DRAKE, Richard William  9 Oct 1895Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I10669
6 FOSTER, Fuchsia Vurrel  14 Jan 1918Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I10552
7 FOSTER, Jesse Stephen  27 Dec 1889Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I10550
8 KUNZ, Alma Abel  27 Apr 1900Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I54
9 KUNZ, Arthur Samuel  03 Aug 1912Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4409
10 KUNZ, Darrell Albert  14 Mar 1917Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4378
11 KUNZ, Duane Herbert Beecher  25 Aug 1917Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I1619
12 KUNZ, Edna Ellen  10 Dec 1910Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4411
13 KUNZ, Ellis  30 Jul 1896Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I52
14 KUNZ, Ethel Pearl  15 May 1909Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4408
15 KUNZ, Frank Stanley  24 Jan 1902Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4396
16 KUNZ, Freida Caroline  4 May 1895Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I51
17 KUNZ, Lillian  22 Apr 1902Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I55
18 KUNZ, Louise Anna  29 Jul 1905Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I57
19 KUNZ, Mary Ann  23 Jun 1898Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I53
20 KUNZ, Merle Drake Grand  15 Nov 1915Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I1628
21 KUNZ, Vene Brent  31 Mar 1923Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4416
22 KUNZ, Victor Alfred  15 Mar 1917Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I1967
23 KUNZ, Willard Ezra  21 Jun 1916Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I1966
24 MILLER, Fred Kenneth  31 Oct 1907Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4367
25 WESTFALL, Jack  Abt. 1905Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I4414


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DRAKE, Merritt Frank  13 Apr 1916Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I11
2 FURNISS, William  31 Mar 1939Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I597
3 KUNZ, Mary Ann  10 Aug 1921Bates, Teton, Idaho, USA I53